Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I know, I know...

I am not good at posting. So here is the latest. We had a busy summer full of Family Reunions, Young Women events, and trips! I enjoyed them all and was so glad to visit with my family and friends. I was especially glad to be able to visit with my Grandparents. Shortly after we were there my Grandpa passed away. He was a great man and I will miss him. I was able to return to attend the funeral and will always be greatful for that. Thank you Keith!

Emma started school the beginning of August and I am glad to finally be getting into a routine again. Emma has started taking Ballet at British Ballet. She is really liking it! Also, Trent turned on September 11th! He started walking about 4 weeks ago and he is into EVERYTHING!!! Trey is his normal happy self. Our yard is in the process of being landscaped and Trey is so excited to finally have grass in the backyard so he can go out and play! He asks me everyday when they will be done.

Finally, here are some of our more recent pics from the summer. Thanks for a great summer everyone!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still no camera

My camera is still missing so I have resorted to using the old one. Here are a few highlights of the last couple months.

This is from Trey's birthday. I can't believe he is 4 years old. However, he refused to be 4 until we sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candles on his cake. Funny kid!

These are a few pictures I took on Easter Sunday. Keith was already at work when the kids got ready for church. So these were for his benefit.

My sweet Emma.

Trey insisted on holding the basketball he got in his Easter basket.

Of course there is slober on Trent's shirt! He even had a bib on until just before I took the pictures.

Trey's trip to the Emergency Room

Last week we were at Keith's Mom and Dad's trying to plan our trip to Rudd's wedding with Alice and Trey was running around as usual. He was barefoot and slipped on the tile and did a Superman dive into the leg of the barstool. He of course cried, I picked him up and I thought everything was okay until he moved his hand away from his eye and he had a gaping wound over his eyebrow that immediately started gushing blood. Alice's nursing instincts took over and we got pressure on it long enough to slow the bleeding and Keith and I left Emma and the baby with Alice so we could take Trey to get it stitched up. I wasn't looking forward to that, but I lucked out and they were able to glue the wound shut with Dermabond. It is awesome!! I guess I need to get used to it. It's my understanding that boys are pretty rough and this kind of thing is bound to happen again. Trey took this picture of himself. I thought it was funny, but it showed his cut pretty well.

Kudos to Emma!!

Emma has excelled in her new school this year and I am so proud of her. First of all, Emma competed in a district wide writing contest. The students were given a choice of 2 topics and then they were given 2 hours to write a story. Emma recieved 4th place for her age level in the entire district. Pretty awesome for a girl who complained and cried everytime she was given a writing assignment!

And Emma is going to have a poem she and a couple of other classmates wrote, published in a book this year. Their poem was sent in by the school and was selected by the publication to have their poem included. What an awesome opportunity for her!

I am so glad to have a daughter! I Love You Emma!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Inauguration

I've been watching the inaugration this morning. What a great country we live in! As I watch it I am reminded of how greatful I am to be born an American.


We've been busy since Thanksgiving and I will post pictures when I can locate my camera that Emma has misplaced, but until then here is a quick update on us. Emma is starting to do some baking on her own. She does pretty well and I think she will develop into a really good cook as she grows up. Trey is a Sunbeam at church now and the other day he came home singing, "I am a Child of Gone..." instead of "I am a Child of God". Too funny!! Trent has been free of oxygen since Halloween and the doctors are thrilled with how well he is growing (15 lbs. now!). He smiles and laughs and loves to stand. I am really enjoying every minute of him.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trey/Tray/carry on thing

Last week, we stopped at Whataburger after a doctor's appointment for lunch. Keith has just left to make it to work and I was cleaning up the table with Trey, who was still eating. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: When you are finished eating put your trash on the tray so we can put it in the garbage on

the way out.

Trey: (smiling) Did you say Trey?

Me: (smiling back) Yes, this orange thing is a tray.

Trey: (laughing now) No its not mom. I'm Trey. That's not Trey.

Me: (laughing too) Yes, you are Trey, but that is called a tray too.

Trey: No, it's a carry on thing.

Too Funny!!!

So I thought I would include this picture that Keith took of Trey a couple of years ago in Whataburger of Trey on a tray.